Sports Premium Funding


At Stockton on the Forest Primary school we recognise the contribution of PE and sports to the health and well-being of children. Through PE and sport, children develop many core values such as discipline, communication, team work, ambition, humility, respect and perseverance. All classes have two hours of timetable PE each week, access to a range of after school clubs and the opportunity to represent the school in a number of local area competitions. Participation in PE and sports, supports children in achieving our ethos of being happy, healthy, learning for life and caring for all.

The Sports Premium is additional funding provided to primary schools in England to support and develop the teaching of PE and school sport.
For more detail please see this page from the Department for Education

Swimming is currently suspended due to Covid 19 but it is our intention that pupils in Years 3 and 4 will also enjoy swimming lessons as part of their Physical Education.
Our Sports Premium Report details the achievements of our 2019/20 Year 6 cohort.

For details of 2019/20 please click here