At Stockton-on-the-Forest Primary School we recognise the importance of homework and home learning in reinforcing and supporting pupils education as well as helping them to develop positive habits and increase their independence and organisational skills.

Each term parents receive a curriculum newsletter which explains the learning for their child's year group. These are available to download from your childs class page. Alternatively, please contact the office if you would like another paper copy of this.

At Stockton on the Forest Primary school we use Oxford Reading Tree for home reading and believe that regular reading is essential for all pupils - both at home and at school. Even confident readers benefit from discussing what they are reading with someone at home, and also the opportunity to read aloud from time to time. Children are actively taught to read at school through the learning of phonics, and their work with teachers during sessions called 'Guided Reading'. It is in these session where pupils are taught to decode words and to develop their skills of understanding, interpreting and interrogating texts. Children are provided with many opportunities to improve and develop their reading during the school day, in their english lessons and across the other subjects of the curriculum.

Each week children are provided with spellings to learn. Parents can support children in learning spellings by taking a 'little and often' approach. 1 spelling learnt well is much better than ten hardly remembered. This approach is also recommended for learning maths facts and times tables.

If you feel that your child is having problems with their home learning and/or homework please resist the temptation to support them so much that you are almost doing their work for them, and refer the issue on instead to your child's class teacher. The information that you provide will enable the teacher to plan your child's next steps in learning more effectively and ensure that they receive the appropriate levels of support in class.

Below are some web sites that you may find helpful in supporting your child's learning at home:
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Partnership for children - helping your child deal with emotional issues